The Kleros Protocol is fully decentralized and autonomous. Here is how to participate in its governance.

Anyone can propose changes to core contracts powering the Kleros ecosystem and all these changes need to be voted on and executed via community vote using PNK.

Kleros Protocol Governance Process

The Kleros Protocol Governance process consists of the decision-making and enforcement process for the different changes in parameters, contract deployments, policy specifications, incentives, and improvements that make up the Kleros protocol.

Future decisions governing the protocol will be enacted through this procedure.

The PNK token empowers holders with the capability to vote on proposals and collectively act as governors of the protocol.

Steps of a successful Kleros Improvement Proposal:

  1. Create a KIP (Kleros Improvement Proposal) post in the "Votes" section of the Kleros Forum.

  2. Receive community feedback and update the KIP until it can be considered non-contentious.

  3. Publish a new proposal on Kleros Snapshot page to have the PNK token holders vote on it.

  4. If the proposal is accepted, submit a list of transactions implementing the proposal(s) changes on Kleros Governor.

  5. If no one successfully challenges this list, Kleros Governor enacts the changes by sending the transactions.

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