Proof of Humanity Tutorial (Register & Vouch)

How to register your profile, vouch for others and monitor your profile validation progress.

❓ Check out the FAQ or Part 2 of the PoH Tutorial if you don't find your answer here.

1/ Register your profile (5-10mn)

1.a/ Go to the Proof of Humanity app

  • You will see the homepage of the app with the recent profiles registered in PoH.

1.b/ Connect your Ethereum / Web3 wallet

  • Click on the "Connect" button on the top right

  • Once you have connected the wallet to the app (the wallet will ask you to confirm the connection), you will need to ensure you have some Ether (ETH) loaded in the wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain (pays transaction fees) and to be able to lock the ETH deposit needed to enter the registry (it will be reimbursed to you).

PRIVACY WARNING: The Ethereum address you are using to submit your profile will be publicly linked to your identity. If you don't want your wallet holdings and transaction history to be linked to your identity, we recommend using a new Ethereum address that you seeded with funds from an exchange or from

1.c/ Click on "Submit profile" in the top banner

  • If you don't see the "Submit Profile" link in the top menu bar, it means you are either not connected (check section 1.b again) or that you have already created a profile (you should see "My profile" instead).

  • You will be asked to fill out the information required to submit a profile

COMPLIANCE WARNING: The information you submit about your profile will be checked and verified by the community to ensure you are not a not/fake and that you complied with all the guidelines. Please read thoroughly the instructions given on the submit page and check out the full Proof of Humanity Guidelines to ensure the info you provide is correct.

You can only update information by withdrawing your profile and resubmitting it. There is no way to edit your profile (Evidences are there to argument that the case made against your profile is wrong, not to update your profile with a new video for example).

If you make a mistake in your submission (ex: Displaying a wrong address in the video), it could be interpreted as a malicious attack by the challengers verifying the entry into the registry and you could lose your deposit. Advice: Submissions are final and cannot be edited. Be sure to follow all submission rules to not lose your deposit.

  • Once you have filled out your Name, First Name, Last Name & Short Bio, you will be asked to upload a front-facing profile picture and a video of yourself holding the Ethereum address you used for submission and saying "I certify that I am a real human and that I am not already registered in this registry"

TIP: Browse through "Registered" profiles (that means they have been accepted into the registry) to have examples of what correct profiles look like.

  • At the bottom of the submit page, you will have a choice between "Self-Funding" your deposit or "Crowdfunding" it. > "Self-Fund" means you will lock the deposit yourself (we recommend that option). > "Crowdfund" means you want to submit your profile without paying for the deposit or only partially (that means that your profile will be blocked in the starting phase of the validation process until someone pays the deposit for you). Only choose this option if you are sure someone will pay for your deposit in the future.

What is the Submitter Deposit? The deposit is an amount of ETH you lock with the submission of your profile that will act as an incentive for potential challengers to prove you are a fake or bot and that will also pay for arbitration fees if a dispute is raised. If your profile goes through unchallenged, you are registered and get your deposit back. If you are a fake or have given incorrect information, someone can challenge your profile and a dedicated Kleros dispute will be opened to rule on your case.

  • Once you are sure all of your submission information is good (check the guidelines), you can click on the "Submit" button. This should trigger a transaction confirmation popup in your wallet after a few seconds. Send that transaction (ETH Deposit + blockchain fees) and wait for it to be validated.

  • Once the transaction has been mined (it can take a long time depending on the gas price you selected), you should be redirected to your profile page. If you are not redirected, please check that your transaction has really gone through, and if yes, check that your profile is not already submitted by clicking on "Profiles" in the top banner. You don't want to submit your profile 2 times by mistake.

Don't forget to subscribe to Profile Update Notifications (2nd tab at the top of this page)

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