Secure your on-chain transactions with an Escrow Dapp backed by Kleros dispute resolution

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Kleros Escrow is a secure and decentralized escrow Dapp that can be used for any exchange of goods, assets, or services involving an Ethereum-based asset.

Using Kleros Escrow, you can transact in the blockchain ecosystem for services, products, and assets using our simple solution with a level of trust not yet known outside the traditional commerce space. If a dispute happens, it will be adjudicated by crowdsourced jurors selected and incentivized by the Kleros protocol.

Maybe you're a marketing company looking to offer trust to your clients by providing high-quality advertising services backed with dispute resolution which in turn leads to more conversions for sellers and higher quality service for buyers.

Both parties can benefit from a non-biased smart contract that can hold one side of the agreements funds securely. Marketers can provide services to clients already in the knowledge that their funds have been deposited in the escrow. Conversely, users looking to employ the services of a service or company can agree to deals knowing if the service is not delivered, they have recused to dispute resolution.

The Problem solved by Kleros Escrow

Anyone who's worked in the crypto ecosystem will be aware of the huge amount of services promoted daily. Whether through Telegram, email, or LinkedIn, you can be sure to wake up to at least a couple of unsolicited emails each day. How to sort the good from the bad, how to add trust to these potentially great marketing deals?

These offers range from simple YouTube videos or reviews of your project, all the way to expensive exchange listing offers. In between, there are a plethora of other services including freelancing work, community services, bounty offers, and development work.

One key mechanism has been mostly absent from this sector:

A trust backed escrow system to weed out the scammers from the legitimate offerings.

The blockchain ecosphere still lacks adequate decentralized dispute resolution processes. In turn, there are many projects who cater to their own arbitration needs using centralized procedures but these don't fit the decentralized ethos nor bring a true unbiased resolution to a disputed case.

Kleros is looking to change that by using crowdsourced jurors to adjudicate a number of common disputes that happen on the Internet.

Employing a trust backed escrow platform is a win-win. Create higher sales conversions for companies whilst offering higher quality services to consumers.

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