Working as a translator

  1. Click on Work as a translator to get started.

2. Since this is your first time translating on Linguo you need to create a profile and do a self-assessment before you can start. Please make sure you do the self-assessment accurately as this would ensure you get matched to jobs that you are most suited for.

3. You will now see all open translations, see if you are qualified to work on them, and the total price offered for completing the task.

4. Once you choose an open task you can review the original document by clicking the button.

5. Now you can accept the request by clicking the ‘Translate It’ button and depositing the mentioned amount. Ensure that you have the mentioned amount of xDai in your wallet.This deposit will be refunded along with the payout after a 7-day review period once you have submitted the translation. In case there is a dispute and the challenger wins, you will lose the deposit.

6. Now confirm the transaction in your wallet to make the deposit and accept the Task.

7. Now you can download the document and start working on translating it!

To find tasks you’ve accepted on the sort tab and filter by ‘In Progress’ or ‘All Status’

8. Once you are done with the task you can upload the file by hitting the Translated Text button.

9. Click the Submit Translation button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

10. You’re all done, once the review period ends you can collect the payment as well as your deposit!

What happens if your translation is challenged?

If your translation is challenged there will be a dispute created that will be resolved by the Kleros court.

If the challenger wins, you will lose your deposit.

If the challenge is rejected, you will receive;

payout = your bounty + (challenger fees - arbitration fees) + your deposit.

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