Data Curation as a Service using TCRs (Token Curated Registries)

🗄️ Kleros Curate app (mainnet) 🗄️ Kleros Curate is a decentralized dApp that can be used to create open curated registries of just about anything using financial incentives and Kleros dispute resolution technology to ensure a list stays on topic and that each entry is compliant to the predefined acceptance criteria.

When a user submits an item to Curate, it is first vetted by a challenge period which allows anyone else to challenge that submission. If the submission isn’t challenged, it’s deemed legitimate and on topic, if it is, the challenged submission is sent to Kleros jurors to decide whether it is, or isn’t valid for the list in question.

When you submit something to eBay or make a post on Facebook, you don’t need a financial incentive, as those respective companies have plenty of their own to keep that list and its items on point. Facebook moderators are exposed to extreme content and are paid by Facebook to do so. You the user pay Facebook with your personal data which is then in turn used to keep extreme content out of your feed.

When there is no centralized actor to do the dirty work, you need some incentivized actors to take over.

You just have to follow a step by step process where you will be able to define the name of your list, the items that should be accepted and a number of guidelines that community members should follow in the curation process. Curate also offers many advanced options that give users free rein on how to design their lists.

Once your list is up, people will be able to submit items and other users will be able to challenge them.

Using the List Browser option, you can also see lists created by other people and contribute to them by sending new items or by challenging items submitted by others.

📝 Direct access to Kleros Curate 📝

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