Start Susie

Susie will help you walk through the start process with /start


If you added Susie as an admin to your group by following a link, then she automatically starts and you can skip the rest of the following steps.

If you manually added Susie to your group, there is one more step to unlock her full potential. Remember, Susie can't help moderate your group until she is an Admin! Without admin rights, she won't be very useful. Thankfully, promoting Susie to an Admin role is simple,

  1. Select the banner at the top of your group to view your group's information

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit your group's settings

  3. Select “Administrators”, and then “Add Administrator”

  4. Select Susie from the list of users

  5. Grant her all admin rights as shown, and click the checkmark icon

Finally make sure to use the /start comand to begin Susie's community moderation.

Congratulations, you've now unlocked Susie's full potential!

Admin Command

/start: Begins Susie's community moderation

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