Kleros Juror Tutorial

How to use Kleros Court as a Juror

So, you'd like to become a Kleros juror!

The process is quite simple. There is no personal information needed and there is no registration process - in short, all you have to do is get your PNK ready and stake in our courts!

To help in the process of getting you up to speed, here is our full-fledged Kleros Juror Starter Kit.

Becoming a Juror

In order to become a juror, there is no sign up, no personal information needed. The only thing you need are the proper tools and your own skills. The basic outline of what needs doing to become a Kleros juror, in short.


To start using the Kleros Court, you first need to get a Metamask wallet and buy some PNK, with some ETH on the side to pay for gas fees. If you don’t have PNK yet, the easiest way to obtain some is to go to the Court interface and just click ‘Buy PNK’ from the top right of the courts homepage. The fastest way to obtain PNK is to get it directly from the "Buy PNK" page of the Court or using one of the exchanges listed there.

Once you've obtained your PNK, all that remains is to stake it. Since the Court is decentralized, jurors have to vet themselves to see whether they're specialized in a specific court's field.

Staking and cases

You're a beginner juror? We warmly recommend the Onboarding Court. Have a basic knowledge of blockchain technologies? Maybe staking in the Blockchain Non-Technical Court could be up your alley. A master of the English language? Perhaps staking in the English Court is your game.

Once you’ve taken a look at the courts, what remains is to stake your PNK and wait a bit to get drawn. The juror process looks something like this:

  • Go to the Kleros Court. In the header, click on "Courts" and then "Join a Court".

  • Next, you will see the default ‘General Court’ selected. This is the parent court, so you can click down the court tree to see each court’s description and requirements. For this example, we will click through the ‘General Court’ court to the ‘Curation’ court.

  • Once you pick a court, you can click on the large blue button that says ‘Stake’. Note: Once you stake in a certain court, you are automatically staked in all courts above it up to the General Court. This is for purposes of appeals, primarily.

  • When the ‘Stake’ button is clicked, you can set the amount of PNK you would like to put into the system. The chances to be drawn as a juror depends on the amount of PNK you stake. The minimum stake in the Onboarding Court is at this moment 1000 PNK, while the higher stake Curation Court has a minimum stake of 1600 PNK.

  • Pay the gas fee in Metamask to confirm the staking transaction.

  • Once the fee is paid and the transaction confirmed you can return to the 'Courts' page and see your staked PNK in the court you have chosen. Below, we can see a user has staked a 3000 PNK. As a reminder - the higher the stake, the higher the chance of being drawn for cases on any court.

  • In the above image, you can immediately get an overview of the reward each juror will receive by voting coherently. Additionally, each court has an amount of PNK that will be locked into the case once you've been drawn as a juror, which is a constant PNK amount per vote you have and varies from court to court.

  • If you are successfully drawn as a juror you will see something similar to the below in the 'My Cases' page. By clicking 'See Details' you can then review the case, evidence and make your vote.

  • Users can be notified to any cases, challenges or changes in state of a dispute by signing up using the email icon in the menu header.

The Kleros court process

Important note: before you vote, review the policies carefully.

Have fun and see you in court!

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