How to integrate with Kleros?

Why do you want to integrate with Kleros services?

  • If you are looking for pure Arbitration-as-a-Service, we can help you integrate with our core service Kleros Court.

  • If you want an oracle that can provide rulings about events, connect to Kleros Oracle and get Truth-as-a-Service capabilities.

  • If you are searching for Data-Curation-as-a-Service, use our Kleros Curate generalized TCR product to build open community-curated lists and read from them.

  • If you want to manage crypto-vs-crypto transactions or service-vs-crypto transactions in your app, have a look at Kleros Escrow contract (+ Widget & SDK) for Escrow-as-a-Service features.

  • If you are a DAO looking to fully decentralize your governance (even the enforcement of proposal votes), check out Kleros Governor and use it as Supreme-Court-as-a-Service.

What about Kleros products built on top of those services?

  • Your DeFi application can source its token data directly from Kleros Tokens registry and even curate the tokens using badges (e.g. filtering them using preset criteria) or indirectly through TokenLists.org

  • Your product can use Sybil-resistance properties of Proof of Humanity to protect against Sybil attacks or identify your users.

  • You can apply to or benefit from decentralized translation jobs in Linguo to handle the internationalization of your products.

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