Kleros Escrow Tutorial

Kleros Escrow is a secure and decentralized escrow Dapp that can be used for any exchange of goods, assets, or services involving an Ethereum-based asset.

Using Kleros Escrow, you can transact in the blockchain ecosystem for services, products, and assets using our simple solution with a level of trust not yet known outside the traditional commerce space. If a dispute happens, it will be adjudicated by crowdsourced jurors selected and incentivized by the Kleros protocol.


(One tab for each step)

To start an Escrow transaction, you will need to connect your wallet and initiate a new payment or invoice.

1/ Initiating a Payment

1.a/ Go to the Kleros Escrow website

  • If you don't have a web3-enabled browser, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet or WalletConnect to use the Escrow service.

  • Once you have connected the wallet to the app (the wallet will ask you to confirm the connection), you will need to ensure you have some Ether (ETH) loaded in the wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain (pays transaction fees) and to be able to pay for the Escrow transaction you'll be setting up later.

  • You should now be able to see the homepage shown below

  • The homepage offers you the chance to create new escrowed transactions and review those that are open, in progress, pending dispute, or closed.

INFO If you already had some escrowed transactions in progress, they will be displayed on the homepage as shown in the screenshot below.

1.b/ Subsribe to notifications

  • Before we get started, remember to sign up for email notifications to not miss any important deadlines. It is important as if one of the parties raise a dispute about the payment and you do not answer, they could win the case automatically.

1.c/ Create a new Payment

WHAT DOES "PAYMENT" MEAN? ****Creating a payment means that you will be the person in the transaction that will pay for the service or good and lock the amount of the payment in the Escrow smart contract. If you are the person receiving the Ethereum-based funds, select "New Invoice" instead and then share the link to the invoice details with the person who will lock the funds in the escrow.

  • To start configuring an escrowed payment, click on the blue "New Payment" button on the top right (or the "Create New Payment" card).

1.d/ Select an Escrow Type

  • On creating a new payment you'll get an option to select the type of Escrow transaction you want to create. Select one and click on "Next".


Cryptocurrency Transaction

Select this option if you want to trade or exchange a crypto asset for another crypto asset. It is especially useful where one of the assets is on a specific blockchain other than Ethereum. For example trading ETH on Ethereum for SOL tokens on Solana.

General Service Transaction

Select this when paying for any other type of general service provided. This allows you to specify your own terms for the agreement and upload a document when creating the payment.

Build With Escrow

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