Who Moderates the moderators?

As groups grow, so do their moderation problems. We're all busy people who don't have time to monitor groups 24/7. Moderators are asleep, and some jerk comes in and starts spamming all over the place? Moderators broke the rules? Who Moderates the moderators? Often users dispute moderation actions by admins and have no recourse.

Susie enables crowd-sourced moderation using Reality.eth and Kleros.

When users are reported, a question is created on Reality.Eth asking 'did the user break the rules?'. The question can be answered yes/no with a bond (1 DAI). Successful reports result in penalties (1 day, 10 days, 100 days, permaban).

Answers to reports can be disputed, creating a case in the Kleros Court.

User Commands

/report Reply to a message to report it

/info Returns active reports in a group

/info <reply to user> Returns report history for user

Admin Commands

/adminreportable Allows admins to be reported.

/trial Toggles a trial version of Susie where no penalties are enforced.

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