Most common questions to enable users to start using the Kleros Scout Snap

1. How can I install the Kleros Scout Snap?

Step 1: Install Metamask Flask

Step 2: Head to https://contract-insight-snap.kleros.builders/

Step 3: Search for @kleros/scout-snap

Step 4: Install @kleros/scout-snap! It’s that easy :)

2. How to use the Snap's features?

Once you install the Kleros Scout Snap, with every txn/contract interaction, you will see a tab which provides you with insights around the same. Upon installation, If you see this, you are already using community curated contract insights for secure dapp interaction - the most important feature of the Kleros Scout Snap.

3. What does the Kleros Scout Snap do?

This Snap pulls contract metadata from Kleros's decentralized token curated registries (TCRs) to provide insights around the contract you are interacting with.

4. What does the Snap not do?

The Kleros Scout snap does not:

→ Endorse any contract interaction

→ Do any centralised whitelisting - all data is community curated. To know more about the same, go to ‘How is the registry data curated?’.

Guarantee 100% accuracy or take on any liability caused as a result of an insight.

5. What decentralised registries by Kleros are used for this Snap?

The data used in this Snap is pulled from the following decentralised registries on Kleros Curate:

You can read more about these registries and their capabilities here.

6. How can I reach out for Snap support?

You can either drop in a message on our TG support group here or email us here! We generally get back within 24-48hrs.

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