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Guide for addressing common questions from users during the course of using the Kleros Scout Snap.

How is the data for providing contract information via the Kleros Scout Snap curated?

Kleros Curate is a decentralized dApp that can be used to create open curated registries of just about anything using financial incentives and Kleros dispute resolution technology to ensure a list stays on topic and that each entry is compliant to the predefined acceptance criteria.

For the Kleros Scout Snap, we are focused on contract insights data (security data) to secure dApp interactions.

Who submits and decides if an entry stays on the list?

When a user (anybody can make a submission as long as they can put up a deposit along with it) submits an item to Curate, it is first vetted by a challenge period which allows anyone else to challenge that submission (anybody from the community who can put up a competing deposit is a challenger). If the submission isn’t challenged within this period of time, it’s deemed legitimate and on topic, if it is, the challenged submission is sent to Kleros jurors to decide whether it is, or isn’t valid for the list in question.

What is the need for a credibly neutral, community sourced contract information data source?

There is an inherent vested interest for centralised parties to whitelist new tokens for example, in order to make a profit through the volume/liquidity increase in the market for that token due to the listing. This has happened in the past with several CEXs. Similar issues plague centralised address tagging and contract to domain mappings (phishing attacks, front-end DNS attacks, etc.)

The need for decentralised, community sourced and secured security metadata can’t be overstated.

I’m seeing that some of my contract interactions don’t have any insights. Can I make submissions to the Kleros security metadata registries?

Absolutely! We encourage the community to submit and police submissions to move towards a scaled, highly secure, community driven data source which can empower safe dApp interactions.

Here are step-by-step guides to make submissions to the 3 security metadata registries.

Why will I take on the risk of interacting with an unknown contract and submit an entry to the Kleros registries?

There are two important reasons for this:

  • 💰 Kleros’ Incentives Programs: To encourage community submissions to scale and cover the long-tail of security data on the registries, Kleros regularly runs incentives programs. We have seen regular submitters win hundreds of $$ by simply helping secure the community’s dApp interactions. You can see information about the latest incentives program here.

  • 👫 Altruism: There is little to no risk involved with making a submission to the registries of a contract you have previously interacted with, which you know is safe. You are enabling thousands, if not more people to have peaceful, anxiety free contract interactions.

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