Proof Humanity Tutorial (Remove & Challenge)

How to challenge a profile, remove your own or someone else's profile and resubmit.

❓ Check out the FAQ or Part 1 of the PoH Tutorial if you don't find your answer here.

5/ Challenge a profile in "Pending registration" status.

If you want to help to maintain the PoH registry and earn money by spotting fake, bot, and incorrect profiles, you will need to learn how to challenge these types of profiles when they are in "Pending Registration" status.

5.a/ Browse through the "Pending registration" profiles and check them

  • Go to the PoH app and filter the profiles for "Pending Registration" profiles. The filter is on the right just above the profiles and below the total number of profiles.

  • Once you have applied the filter, click on each profile one by one to check if their information, photo, and video follow the PoH guidelines or if you can spot impersonators or deepfake videos.

You can use deepfake detection tools such as, or other more powerful deepfake detection algorithms to help you in this enterprise. You can also use Voice Recognition Software to spot computer-generated voices or compare old and new submissions.

  • If you find a malicious/incorrect profile, ensure you have enough funds is your wallet and challenge the profile by clicking on the "Challenge request" button at the bottom left.

  • This will open a modal asking you for a reason to the challenge. Select the relevant reason and click on "Challenge Request".

  • Send the Transaction with the challenger deposit. Once the transaction is validated, the profile will soon go to "Challenged Registration" status.

What is the Challenger Deposit? The deposit is an amount of ETH you lock with the challenge of the profile that will act as a deterrent to prevent people from challenging profiles for no valid reason. If your challenge of the profile is successful, you get your challenger deposit back and earn the submitter deposit (minus arbitration fees). If you have challenged a valid profile, you will lose this deposit.

  • A dispute will then be raised in Kleros Court where jurors will vote on a ruling. Anyone can submit evidence from the profile interface (at the bottom of the page)

  • Now, you just have to monitor the progress of the dispute through the profile interface over the following 5 to 7 days. If you don't agree with the final ruling, you will have the possibility to appeal.

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